We are simply passionate about cycling.

BikeColombia started with the idea of Carlos, Giovanni and Kike, to share with the world our passion for riding the trails and the roads of Colombia and discovering the amazing landscapes, people and culture that this country has to offer.

Colombia is still a hidden gem of natural beauty waiting to be discovered and the conditions are now perfect to do so. We believe that the best way is by bike.

Bike Colombia is an ecosystem in which many initiatives coexist.

  • Events and Races: we organize we known cycling events in Colombia with attendance of 1000+ competitors such as Cronochingaza time trial.
  • Media: we created the magazine MontEn Bike, which features articles covering our passion for biking in any shape.
  • Tours: Bike Colombia organizes bike tours for road and mountain adventures in the country.
  • Community: WikiBikeColombia a strong community of cyclists that help each other and get many advantages.
  • Tours: We have years of experience riding the trails and organizing adventures.

Our offering is different from other cycling tours, apart from riding in great locations in a more relaxed way, we also offer the possibility to join a few of the most important races in the country to test your strenght against to locals, known to be among the best bikers in the world.


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