With the Andes mountain range splitting into three and covering a vast portion of the country, there are no shortage of roads to ride. Colombia is the breeding ground for some of the world’s best climbers. Patrocinio Jimenez and Lucho Herrera in the past. And now the new peloton of superstars with Nairo Quintana,Esteban Chavez, Rigoberto Urán and Sebastián Henao at the forefront. Our mountains are the perfect setting for youngsters with a dream to become world icons.

Our roads aren’t as steep as the ones in Europe, but are longer and at a higher altitude. The mythical Tourmalet crests at 2115 meters above sea level, while most of our rides start at that altitude, with an average gradient of about 6%. We even have the world’s longest climb, the Alto de Letras. An 81 km monster that starts at 500 meters above sea level and summits at 3677. It’s a must do for any cyclist.

We have many rides that will take us through the Andes mountains, where we can ride all year long due to our tropical location. Five day tours with stages ranging between 70 and 130 kilometers. Stopping to rest and sleep at quaint colonial towns. We will have vehicle support, mechanical support, optional massage, and food along the routes. Please check back in for out tour details. The fitness level required for these tours is high, and they are not designed for casual riders.



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